Kutyakozmetika otthonában. Kutyakozmetikus házhoz megy. Grooming - Daycare - Pension Grooming - Daycare - Pension CONTACT ABOUT ME LINKS HOME GALLERY DAYCARE/GUESTHOUSE I undertake combing, shearing and trimming of all kind of small-, medium- to big-bodied dogs IN YOUR HOME,  should they be purebred or mixed-breed, should they live inside the house or in the garden. Your dog can wear any coat, I’m ready to comb and shear it, and trim it around the paws by hand or with machine. I also do ear cleaning and deodorization, I cut the claws, I kill the fleas. If you want to follow the beautification of your dog... If you are not prepared for dog transport... If you do not want to leave your pet in a strange place... Or just because it so convenient... In Budapest, Érd and its vicinity, anywhere, even in rural areas as well: CALL WITH CONFIDENCE! Telephone appointment: Diana Banoczy +36 302061339